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Debt Collection Framework Agreement

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The CSC believes that the regulations on the transfer of businesses (employment protection) will not apply at the framework level in 2006. We recommend that bidders be advised on their own if TUPE is likely to apply the appeal contract in certain circumstances, and proceed accordingly to due diligence. This framework gives you access to debt management services, including: This is a single lot framework provided by a single provider that provides the services either directly or with third-party strategic partners. This is a framework managed by the CSC and we are responsible: interested parties can download the tender file directly using the reference AB6K-7Z5OT8. If you are not registered with the YORtender system, you can register free of charge with to find out about contract options in the Yorkshire-Humber region. Tender documents must be completed and returned by 5:17 p.m. on Thursday, 17.11.2016. Late applications are not accepted. All correspondence relating to this offer is made by the YORtender system. The organizations listed in this notice have expressed interest in the framework and have therefore been named, but are not required to adhere to the framework for the duration of the framework.

Bidders should be aware that, although the contracting authority is Rotherham Borough Council for the purpose of contracting, one or more other local authorities, British police or the UK fire and education services may choose to access the contract without any of them being required, subject to the bidder`s ability. If one of the local authorities in the United Kingdom decides to do so, a legally binding contract is entered into between the contractor and that local authority regarding the terms set out in the tendering file. For more details on local authorities, see details of the British police you will find details of England Fire and Rescue Services in details of the educational institutions at the address;jsessionid=6EA220CC25EF75BD8A31A606B9D3A08D Our senior team is made up of people with extensive experience in managing the data and debts of the founding companies. Bidders must also demonstrate their ability to meet the security requirements set out in the security schedule to be published during the ITT phase. Bidders can obtain a framework contract, but can only enter into call contracts with buyers when they are able to prove that they meet the safety requirements set out in the safety plan. The service resulting from this framework includes the supplier holding equipment to which protective markings have been assigned by official/sensitive persons in accordance with the national security classification system (April 2014). Bidders must implement their solution in accordance with the “Safety Requirements and Plan” framework plan to meet the requirements of the framework agreement. This will be published during the ITT phase.

This communication, announced in advance, is intended to indicate the intention to enter the market with those operating in the debt settlement services market.