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Employee Apartment Agreement

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Employment contracts are generally executed by employers who offer summer or agricultural jobs. It is typical for dairy and ranching staff to obtain housing contracts. This type of job often requires employees to move from their place of residence because the work is seasonal or simply it is more convenient for employees to live in the field because of operating hours. Employee-housing contracts create a landlord-tenant relationship between the employer and the worker. If you are considering making housing available to staff, you would be well advised to have a housing contract for employees; without one, you won`t be able to remember your expectations. Your employees must have a copy of the agreement, as they must be aware of the terms of the agreement and what you can expect from you with regard to your responsibilities. Your housing contract should establish housing rules. They may, for example, contain a provision expressly prohibiting domestic animals, indoor smoking and possession of alcohol by minors. You can also set quiet hours from a certain time in the evening to a specific time in the morning. If you wish to reserve the right to inspect the premises, insert a provision that specifies this. Work-related housing is rented because of its employment to a worker over which the employer controls. The accommodation, rented by the employer and sublet to the employee, is also considered work-related housing.

These units are subject to the rent law. In addition, the Employment Contracts Act contains provisions relating to the leasing of work-related accommodation. The notice period for work-related accommodation is six months if the landlord grants dismissal, provided the employment relationship has lasted at least one year. For employment contracts of less than one year, the notice period to be respected by the lessor is three months. However, notice is reduced to three months for labour relations of more than one year and for labour relations of less than one year if the employer has terminated the employment for a reason other than the worker`s illness. The notice period is reduced in the same way if the worker has terminated the employment relationship or terminated the employment contract without respecting the notice, without respecting the reasons set out in Chapter 8, Section 12 of the Employment Contracts Act, and if the employer terminates the employment contract for termination of employment. Staff accommodation contracts are legally binding on you and your employees. These agreements must be in accordance with state law on landlords and tenants. If you enter into a housing contract with an employee. B, you must respect state law with respect to dismissal procedures and other deportation procedures if the employee does not move in time after the dismissal.