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4. A rental agreement to which this section applies ends when a requirement under this section takes effect. (i) if the tenant terminated the tenancy agreement (or consented to the termination of that contract) and the lessor relied on that circumstance, so that failure to retain free possession of the unit would seriously penalize the landlord; The protection extended to potential tenants applies, whether or not the terms of the tenancy agreement have been reduced to the letter and/or signature. 3. In the event of an inconsistency between these provisions and the so-called provisions of the agreement, the so-called provisions are null and foregoing. 3. The date (if any) on which the rent of the apartment ends, or the duration (if any) at the end of which the rent is finished, or the condition (if it exists) to which the rent of the dwelling ends. (g) the use of a standard form or standard residential tenancy agreement or other housing rental instruments; As an owner, you must terminate at least three months in writing to terminate a lease. Your tenant must cancel you one month in advance.

Neither party is required to formally disclose whether the other party violates the terms of the lease or if you both consent to the termination of the lease. (c) he or any other agreement provides for the exclusion or limiting of the application of this law; or – if the tenant has not resolved a breach of the contract, Article 12 The landlord must however serve the tenant by notifying the tenant to cease the conduct of the breach, or take reasonable steps to remedy the infringement within 7 days of notification, or to make both (1) A rental property contract as agreed, amended or renewed, – 4) The Court of Justice may order the termination of the contract and the eviction of the tenant if he is satisfied with the issues covered by paragraph 2)a) to c) and the infringement is so serious that the termination and termination of the evacuation are justified. or there is another agreement that purports to make the execution of one of these cases a clause or condition of the lease, or that purports to subordinate it to the completion of one of these cases, and the matter becomes impossible to complete, the lease should not be considered frustrated or can only be terminated by this impossibility. This decision requires each landlord, as part of a tenancy agreement, to submit a state report at or before the start of the rent. (ii) for damages caused by a breach of the lease or contract that is established in any way in connection with the lease or lease or lease or (3) a breach of paragraph 1 within the meaning of Article 16 is considered a breach of the lease agreement.