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Kingsborough Articulation Agreements

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How about moving to a non-CUNY university or university? The CUNY Common Core/Pathways only applies to CUNY colleges. However, Kingsborough Community College has many articulation agreements with institutions outside of CUNY, which ensure a smooth transfer process. Click here for more information on transfer opportunities with SUNY and private institutions. Agreements with other higher education institutions will continue. The agreements allow students who have graduated from high school to move to St. John`s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the School of Education and the College of Professional Studies. Joint agreements are agreements between a community school and a four-year college, designed to provide students with information about the courses they should take during the end of their association license and the courses required during transmission. Kingsborough also aims to increase its alternating registration agreements with senior colleges to ensure that students are admitted to the four-year program if they meet the terms of the alternating agreement. Please visit the Dean`s office for the A-228 program, teaching and evaluation or call (718) 368-5029 to learn more about transfer contracts.

The university provides copies of its articulation agreements on written request. Kingsborough Community College (KCC) maintains and updates its transfer joint contracts with four-year institutions. A transmission sarticulation agreement is a written contract between Kingsborough Community College and a four-year college or university that includes agreed courses or programs that are transferred to that specific senior institution. This is a guarantee that if students complete courses or university programs at the KCC with satisfactory grades (as indicated by the receiving institutions) and apply and are accepted for the four-year institution, these completed courses or programs will be applied to the bachelor`s degree. In order to maximize the transfer of the shares acquired in the KCC, students are strongly encouraged to obtain the associate degree before moving to a senior college. Lehman College offers a wide range of student support services, sports and recreation programs, leadership opportunities and students. A full list of programs can be find on the Campus Life website. . To help you better understand how your credits are transferred to Lehman College, we recommend using the “Assess My Transfer Credit” tool in CUNYfirst.

This will provide you with up-to-date information on how courses are transferred from Kingsborough Community College to Lehman College. If none of your courses are mentioned, they may not have been evaluated yet. Click here for instructions on how to use this tool. University programs – Associate of Arts (A.A.), Associate of Science (A.S.), Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) and Certificates – can be found either by clicking on the “Programs by Department” tab or by clicking on the “A-Z Programs” tab. Learn more about our inter-university partnerships by clicking on the links above, or you can contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission by phone at 718-990-2000 or by email. Minimum requirements for admission to the clinical care program and additional information on all care programs can be found on the care service`s website (the first 4 links). Please note that compliance with the minimum requirements for the program does not guarantee admission to the program. Transfer students have always benefited from St.

John`s University`s flexible transfer policies.