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Public Utility Franchise Agreement

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One of the legal or occupancy rights granted by the city may be revoked for one or more of the following reasons: all public services using the city`s road law must, upon request, provide the municipal engineer or any other person to whom this responsibility may be delegated, with a map or map at a uniform scale indicating the built sites and the nature of their facilities within road rights or public bodies and public bodies and underground, their depth and any modification of it. (Ord. 695 nr. 2, 2019; 29, No. 3, 1959) While the following list is far from exhaustive, the following list includes several instruments used (or likely to use) cities with funds that have been generated by franchise fees to help local residents and businesses reduce energy costs and enjoy local economic benefits of clean energy: before a franchise granted under this chapter is effective and subsequently necessary. , the recipient makes these funds available and deposits them before they are granted under this chapter. , bonds, letters of credit or other instruments in the form and content that are acceptable to the city, as required by the City of Yarrow Point, or by an applicable franchise or other applicable code, by-law, resolution or city rules and regulations. (Ord. 695 nr. 2, 2019) In collaboration with the mayor`s office, city staff plan to make the PSR available to the public in February, begin verifying and evaluating responses in May, and complete the language to submit a proposed agreement to the San Diego City Council for voting by August. B.

A fellow with written authorization to install airline facilities may only install its telecommunications facilities on existing or replacement towers, and only if excess space is available. For more information, look at this blog post on franchise fees as an often overlooked strategy, or these minneapolis history with its leveraged franchise agreements, or this press release on increasing franchise fees in Minneapolis. Other city-wide tools for promoting local and clean energy can be available in ILSR`s interactive Community Power Toolkit. For more information on states that give cities and municipalities additional powers over their energy futures, see the ILSR Community Power Map. The City Council grants or refuses an application for renewal within the time frame set by national or federal law, if any.