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Roommate Rental Agreement Alberta

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Parts 1. Parties to the lease If the lessor or tenant is under the age of 18, a person over the age of 18 (an agent) must be responsible for the contract. In this case, the power (delegated authority) roommates of the agreed sample of this agreement, did this and between: day of , 20 , by the parties have made a lease for the premises signed on the day (a copy of it is attached to this document) and plans to reside there. Security… 2 Roommate Model – This roommate agreement (agreement) is valid on. This agreement is concluded between the following people: and (hereafter referred to collectively as cohabitants), IT IS UNDERSTOOD THAT: A. The roommates made this agreement to live together in the following place: (the house); B. The owner of the house is (the owner) whose contact information is as follows: Address: Phone number: C. In order to maintain a healthy and harmonious environment, each roommate should respect the personal habits and preferences of others and assume their respective responsibilities in this agreement in a timely manner; D. This agreement constitutes a binding agreement on the living conditions of institutional roommates; and E. When the agreement conflicts with the rights and obligations of roommates under the Alberta Residents` Rights Act, S.A. 2004, c. R-17.1 (the law), the law will apply.

The Roommate agreement is provided only for informational purposes and there is nothing in the Roommate agreement that provides legal advice. The content is provided as an information service and should not be used for legal decision-making. The use of the Roommate arrangement does not in any way create a type of agreement or contract with the author. The Roommate Agreement model was developed in Alberta, Canada. The Roommate agreement contains the laws of Alberta. The laws in your jurisdiction may be different. You should contact a lawyer if you have questions about the right of landlord and tenant in your jurisdiction and if you get a legal roommate contract, February 2011 Page 2 THE ROOMMATE WORKSHOP Military – Post-Traditional Student Services BRIGHT FUTURES: DECIDING TO GET A ROOMMATE Financial Benefits of Roommates: The great financial advantage of getting a roommate is that , when a rental property is subleased, the original tenant leaves the property and a new tenant (the subtenant) moves in to take his place, but the original lease is maintained. Often, the original tenant expects the original tenant to return to the unit.