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Service Level Agreements Schools

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Our goal is to offer excellent value for money in a quality setting. The best way to maximize your school`s purchasing power is to acquire ALS, which offers a wide range of materials and allows you to use your credits to respond very effectively to your academic improvement priorities. The cooperation of schools can talk with their Senior Improvement Adviser (SIA) in order to share their credits for even more purchasing power. The school improvement service is committed to making the assistance well-suited to the needs of the schools and one-on-one interviews with school leaders will determine the content of the offers. Our service is monitored and evaluated by the results we get, and quality is regularly ensured both indoors and outdoors. We are committed to working with schools to support improvements, to provide excellent education for the benefit of all children and adolescents throughout Kent. The Service Level Agreement (SLA) for schools includes access to an authorization menu and schools that acquire them receive a certain number of credits. Schools can use their credits against all courses taught by the school improvement team. If the schools do not have credits and are outside the agreement, they are charged for the participation of delegates. We are proud to implement our revised service level agreement, which provides schools and academies with the opportunity to get the full support of our core team and acquire a number of services tailored to your needs. In schools where NMPAT has agreed to implement a direct billing system, there is a financial relationship between the NMPAT and the parents.

We are now able to offer music production courses and access to music production events run by Rock School London. With the generous support of the Constance Travis Trust, we have developed an offer for schools. DFE data return: Please help us inform DFE of the overall level of activity in your school. We have one of the most musical counties in the country and we want to shout at it. Here you will find details on career development, basic visitation programs and a wide range of negotiated services.