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Tangerine Account Agreement

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When an eligible account is opened as a common account, each account holder chooses their PIN. Any holder of a common account can make transactions with one of your registered accounts as joint accounts. If a joint account holder requests a transaction, we will execute it without the express permission of another joint account holder. They are responsible both individually and collectively for all obligations arising from these terms of account. In the event of the death of a joint account holder established in a province or territory within Canada (excluding Quebec), a positive balance may be withdrawn or payable to the surviving holder of a joint account and you will revoke the balance of a bank account held jointly with the surviving holder in the event of death. Only for the children, a positive balance is compensated in accordance with the estate of the deceased holder of the common account. EXCEPTION: Please note that for a TRANSFER of money, a charge authorized by the client who moves funds to the client`s accounts at various financial institutions, the remedies mentioned above are not applicable through the Canadian Payments Association. However, if there is a disparity in a transfer PAD that you initiated via Tangerine, please contact us at 1-888-826-4374 and one of our collaborators can help you resolve the issue. I pay a monthly fee from my bank for the audit, VISA – Safe, but I can still check the Tangerine account. $50 free money! The information contained on this site is not intended to provide specific legal, accounting, financial or tax advice to individuals or businesses and should not be used in this regard. We have a U.S.

address can`t get on the address of the part of the app for an account? Tangerine may cancel or restrict Direct Access or your electronic identification without notice. Tangerine is not responsible for direct, indirect or subsequent damage, damage or inconvenience directly or indirectly resulting from your use, malfunction, deletion, limitation or inability to access your Tangerine account by any means. I`m not sure you can still get the cash bonus when you sign in to a savings/chequing account.