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What Is Motor Vehicle Agreement

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However, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and India understood the importance of this vehicle agreement. That is why they quickly began negotiations among themselves on several joint working groups. India has turned to Bangladesh and Nepal through diplomatic channels to develop the modalities of the implementation of the MVA between Bangladesh, India and Nepal. BBIN-MVA is considered essential to the diversification of Nepal`s and Bangladesh`s commercial economy. The agreement took place in the context of the Kathmandu summit in 2014, at which India proposed an agreement on SAARC motor vehicles, which was unable to move forward due to Pakistan`s opposition. So India designs BBIN on similar lines. The BBIN MVA can be a game changer for neighborhood cooperation. For the first time, these countries have decided to exchange their traffic rights and allow the transit of freight and passenger vehicles within and beyond international borders. The priority is to develop functional transport corridors and then transform them into economic corridors. These economic corridors are expected to play a key role in strengthening existing value chains and creating new values.

In December 2018, Bhutanese Foreign Minister Tandi Dorji said the new government would reconsider the auto agreement and indicate that Bhutanese trucks were having difficulty getting to Bangladesh, while trucks from India and Nepal provided easy access. [39] During the second consultations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (FOC) between Bangladesh and Bhutan in March 2019 in Dhaka, Bangladeshi Foreign Minister Shahidul Haque stressed the importance of Bhutan ratifying the agreement and declaring it “decisive” for the future development of the region. [40] Ratification of the agreement was blocked in Bhutan`s House of Lords in 2017, which is why they postponed the decision in the 2018 parliamentary elections. Since January 2018, Bangladesh, India and Nepal have implemented procedures for operating passenger car traffic under the agreement. The three countries also agreed to hold more freight vehicle testing as part of the agreement. Previously, cargo vehicle tests were carried out on the Kolkata-Dhaka-Agartala and Delhi-Kolkata-Dhaka lines.