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Bc Teachers Agreement 2020

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The agreement affects more than 45,000 teachers, represented by the BCTF, who provide education to students in the province`s 60 school districts. According to the provincial government, some 300,000 public service employees are currently covered by interim or ratified agreements. In a press release, the government of the bc stated that members of the BCPSEA (BCPSEA) and the BC Teachers` Federation (BCTF) have ratified an agreement under the government`s negotiating mandate for sustainable services. The Bc Teachers Federation says the agreement has been ratified, with 98 percent of its members voting in favour. Teachers agreed on an additional one percent pay increase in 2020 at the highest level of teacher pay in each district. The new contract is for a three-year period (July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2022) and includes general salary increases of 2% per year and a one percent pay increase in 2020 to the highest level on the teachers` pay scale in each district. As expected, members of the BC Teachers` Federation and members of the BC Public School Employers` Association have ratified an agreement as part of the government`s negotiating mandate for sustainable services, some of which limit annual wage increases to two per cent. The interim agreement was reached after more than a year of negotiations between the two sides. The agreement, negotiated with the help of a mediator, includes: the agreement includes more than 45,000 teachers represented by the B.C teachers` federation. The contract runs retroactively until July 1, 2019 and runs until June 30, 2022.

“What we were able to do was take the contract and make it a little more attractive to new teachers.” The agreement was voted online over a three-day period, as current events prohibit teachers from meeting in local schools or district offices. The union, which represents just over 45,000 teachers, recommends that its members approve the agreement reached after “several days of marathon negotiations.” The agreement was reached with a mediator after more than a year of negotiations between the federal government and B.C. The Public School Employers` Association representing the province. According to the provincial government, currently, about 90% of public sector employees – about 300,000 workers – are covered by interim or ratified agreements under the mandate. This report from The Canadian Press was first published on May 1, 2020. July 1, 2019 – 2.0% (to be paid retroactively); July 1, 2020 – 2.0% (plus 1% extra for members who are at the top of their network); July 1, 2021 – 2.0% (plus members of the first year of work who accept a contract start in the second stage of their salary schedule). B.c.. Teachers have ratified a new three-year contract that has allowed general rate increases of 2% per year. Details of the preliminary agreement with the BC Public School Employers` Association will be published when the contract is ratified. The following pay schedules reflect the increases in the six-year collective agreement (July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2019) between BCTF and BCPSEA [including the Economic Stability Dividend (ESD)], which were: September 1, 2014 – 2.0%; January 1, 2015 – 1.25%; May 1, 2016 – ESD – 0.45%; July 1, 2016 – 1.00%; May 1, 2017 – ESD – 0.35%; July 1, 2017 – 0.50%; May 1, 2018 – ESD 0.40 per cent – 1.00%; July 1, 2018 – 0.50%; May 1, 2019 – ESD – 0.75% – 1.00%. The union is concerned about total salaries and the hiring of teachers in remote areas of the province and in areas with high cost of living.

After three days and nights of online voting, 98% of public school teachers accepted the new contract, according to the B.C.