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Miro Master Cloud Agreement

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Miro may enter into agreements with certain authorized third parties to promote, market and support its development tools and/or applications. You hereafter authorize Miro`s third-party suppliers to promote, market and support your applications. Miro is not responsible for: (i) conflicting acts or assurances of its trading partners; (ii) any additional obligations our trading partners have to our users; or (iii) products or services that our trading partners can provide to you under separate conditions or agreements that govern this provision. The provision of such links does not imply the approval of these third-party websites (or their products and services). Miro proposes an agreement on data protection on the basis of the Standard clauses of the European Union, also known as standard contractual clauses, in order to meet the adequacy and security requirements for our customers operating in the European Union and other international transfers of customer data. Here is a copy of our standard data processing addendum with model clauses. Please contact for a copy of our current subprocessors. We can provide you with communications by email or by the community, as we have set at our discretion. All notifications you make to us under these Terms are deemed to be provided only if they are provided personally, by a serious international messenger requesting a signature to be received or three (3) business days after filing at the post office, first class, prepaid shipping, at the current postal address, which is indicated at The parties are independent contractors and there is no relationship between the parties between the partnership, the joint venture, the employment, the franchise or the agency. If a properly-acting court decides that part of these conditions is invalid, only the invalid party does not apply and the rest of these conditions remain in effect. If, in any given case, we waive one of our rights above these conditions, that does not mean that we will relinquish our rights in general or in the future. Moreover, it does not mean that we are waiving our rights simply because we cannot enforce all our rights, because we may decide to enforce them at a later date.

Unless otherwise stated, all changes to these conditions must be written and signed by both parties. These conditions constitute the whole agreement between the parties with regard to its purpose and conclude with the agreement of all previous agreements on this subject. In order to avoid any doubt, the use and provision of the company`s service are subject to specific conditions, such as our conditions. B usage and/or any other agreement in effect between you and the Company regarding your corporate service account, and these conditions do not apply to the use or access to the company`s service. Under these conditions, the titles are only simple and the term “including” (and similar terms) is interpreted without restriction. These conditions and all rights and licenses granted under these conditions cannot be transferred or transferred by you without our prior written consent, but may be transferred and transferred by us without restriction. We are not held responsible to you in the event of a delay or non-compliance with our obligations under these conditions if the delay or failure is due to events that are beyond our proper control, including strikes, blockades, wars, terrorist acts, disturbances, natural disasters, a default or reduction of power or telecommunications or data networks or services, or the denial of authorization or license by a government authority. We can use the services of subcontractors and enable them to exercise the rights granted to us in order to provide the Community under these conditions. These development conditions are binding and binding on each of the parties and their respective successors.