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Mutual Aid And Assistance Agreements Should Be Limited To Two Participating Jurisdictions

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The commitment of a participating political sub-division to provide assistance in prevention, response and recovery from a locally declared emergency or during approved exercises or exercises is subject to the following conditions: The model of the Intergovernmental Agreement on Mutual Assistance was developed by the National Emergency Management Association in partnership with national public safety organizations. All political subdivisions within the state are automatically part of the national system of mutual assistance after the adoption of this legislation or the application of an agreement. A political subdivision within the state may choose not to participate in the system or to withdraw from the system at a later date by adopting a decision of its governing body stating that it chooses not to participate in the national mutual assistance system; and provide a copy of the resolution to the National Civil Protection Agency. This legislation does not prevent participating political subdivisions from concluding complementary agreements with another political sub-division and does not affect other agreements that a political sub-division may currently be or decide to conclude. It is the responsibility of each participating political sub-division responsible for emergency management and emergency management within this specific sub-division to do the following: one of the most important aspects of the model is that adoption by the courts is entirely voluntary. The model is supposed to be a tool and resource for states and jurisdictions that can be used to develop or refine national self-help agreements. States and jurisdictions are expected to want to change the model to comply with their own laws and public authorities or to meet unique needs and circumstances. In addition, the articles and provisions proposed in the model complement the recommended minimum elements to be included in mutual assistance agreements that are part of the proposed national incident management system. Staff of a participating political sub-division who respond to a request or provide assistance who suffer injury or death during and as a result of employment are entitled to all applicable benefits that are normally available to staff in the course of their duties for their employer. Respondents receive additional benefits from the state and the federal government that may be available to them for the service death line. “Many local jurisdictions have agreements, but they vary considerably from country to country. Moreover, many are not formal agreements and do not address key issues such as liability and compensation; and include multi-disciplinary groups.

In order to enable an effective transfer of assets between local jurisdictions and across national borders, mutual assistance agreements should be robust and comprehensive, demonstrate an effective relationship with EMAC and treat liability and compensation issues in a manner consistent with state law. 2 Any political subdivision that requires reimbursement to the participating political sub-division of aid under this system. A participating political sub-division that provides assistance may provide for assets of any kind to donate to a participating political sub-division. These claims are submitted according to the procedures developed by the State Mutual Assistance Committee. Participating political subdivisions are provided, where possible, for the promotion of disasters in states and at the federal level.